Pharmaceutical Distribution Services

For over twenty years, BDI Pharma has served the specialty pharmaceutical industry as an Authorized Distributor of Record, only purchasing the product we sell directly from each manufacturer - never through another party.  Our customers, as well as our manufacturing partners, can rely upon BDI Pharma to uphold the utmost level of supply chain integrity with each and every shipment, out of our multiple, VAWD accredited facilities.  Aside from stringent product handling, our programs and services offer various added benefits to help drive the success of our valued manufacturing partners.


Products that are included in the Trailblazer program have increased visibility at the customer level.  BDI Pharma will work closely with your sales representatives to make introductions to the key decision makers at the specialty pharmacy.

BDIVantage Plus

BDIVantage Plus offers a unique opportunity to position select products for optimized usage.  Inclusion of products in BDIVantage Plus is also effective in expediting formulary approval.


BDIAccess offers an invaluable resource for manufacturers who have limited to no capabilities for assisting their customers with comprehensive reimbursement services.  Utilizing BDIAccess along with the distribution services of BDI Pharma truly gives your product the attention it requires throughout its life cycle.  From the initial acquisition to the sale, and from the administration to the final billing process, BDIAccess ensures a smooth transition throughout the entire process.  For a more substantial reimbursement services program, our affiliate Radius Specialty Solutions may be a viable option.  Click here to learn more.